Saturday, April 7, 2012

Postcards: 3/30 - 4/7: Part Two

The second part to my 3/30-4/7 post. You can see the first part directly below this one.


Matthew sent me these in a private swap. Isn't the orangutan adorable?!


Daniela sent me these cards. I love astronomy, so I had to have the Galileo card. I chose the photo of Queen Elizabeth because royalty interests me and because I think her outfit (circa 1885) is pretty neat!


Jennifer sent the beautiful architecture card. How fitting that she says she's an architectural student!
Yi-Ju sent this card through the North America -> World RR. It shows the city of Kaohsiung.


Masha sent the flag card. She says the colors represent the colors of the sky and golden fields. The emblem in the center is a trident that's thought to represent the division of the world into three spheres: the Earthly, the celestial, and the spiritual, as well as the union of air, water, and Earth. Pretty neat!
Iana sent the beautiful autumn card. My favorite season!

France/Saudi Arabia

I had participated in Stephanie's recipe notebook and she sent the coffee card as a thank you.
Gosia in Italy sent me this rare Saudi Arabia card


I got the cute cat card from China
Boris from Russia sent the card of astronaut Fyodor Yurchikhin


Helen sent me this beautiful unicorn card. My first one!
Lera from Belarus sent me this card of her town.


Lorna from England says she spends lots of time in Wales, so that's where she got this card.
Kotona in Japan sent this card for the Weird/Odd/Strange RR. I think it's pretty funny!

South Africa/Slovenia

Reinette sent this beautiful card from South Africa
Another beautiful view card! Kristijan sent this one from Slovenia.


Valentina from Italy spends a lot of time in Norway and sent me this beautiful Norwegian card for my collection.
Novia is an Indonesian living in Germany. She says the photo on the card is of women performing a rain dance during dry season.


Maili sent me this card... the cat looks almost exactly like mine! Minus the white stomach and paws. She says the words on the front mean "by sweet and all by okay".


Occasionally I sign up for lotteries on the Postcrossing forum, hoping to win free postcards from generous members. Elisabeth, who I've previously swapped with, had a lottery offering a card signed by all members who attended the Swiss meet-up. I unfortunately didn't win, but Elisabeth decided to send me a signed card anyway since I had helped her with her Civil War collection. Thank you Elisabeth!

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