Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Postcards: 2/29

I got two carnival cards today!

Through a private swap from Barbara in Austria

Official postcard from Amelie in Germany

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Postcards: 2/24 - 2/28

My postcard wall to date!

February 24

From Martha in Florida who also sent me a refrigerator magnet. I sooo wish I lived there!

Beautiful castle shot in Germany

February 25

Official PC card from Kayla in Maine

My Polish pen pal Weronika sent this card of where she lives. Beautiful!

Adorable dog card from the Netherlands. The words on the front mean "Greetings".

From the US State View-card tag

February 28

Lovely Sleeping Beauty card from Anna in Finland

From Jo in Vietnam through the Military tag. My first Vietnamese card!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Postcards: 2/22 & 2/23

February 22

From Anna in Poland:

February 23

From Arlene in the Philippines:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Postcards: 2/21

I received EIGHT postcards today, as well as two letters from pen pals!

Starting off with the cards I received from within the country...

This one was sent to me from Tennessee as part of a Round Robin. The words on the front mean "So, this is where junk cars go to die".

This card from Margaret is the first I've received through this blog! She sent this before I had gotten the other North Carolina cards. She saw I didn't have any from NC, so decided to help me out. Thank you Margaret!

Lori from California sent this one as part of the Ship tag.

From Samantha in New York, through the Request an Animal tag. I asked for anything cute and fuzzy, and this is what she sent me. Definitely cute and fuzzy!

Danielle from Nebraska agreed to do a private swap with me. I sent her a card of St. Louis and she sent this one of downtown Omaha.

Now on to the three world cards...

I received this cute Pinocchio card from Russia.

Another cat card from Sherry in Taiwan! I love kitty cards!

I sent a birthday card to the friend of a Postcrosser from Turkey. I received this pretty card in return.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Postcards and packages: 2/17 & 2/18

February 17

Received from Jennifer in a private swap. She says she lives 3-4 hours from either the beach or mountains. I'm jealous! I live 3-4 hours from corn fields or wheat fields.

February 18

I received postcards along with two packages today. Unfortunately, it's not all good. A Spanish girl and I had agreed to swap coins. I sent her my package last week, and as far as I know, it arrived without incident. However, the same cannot be said for the package she sent me. This is what I got:
She had wrapped the coins in tissue paper and taped it shut and then placed it in an envelope. Not noticing the hole in the bottom of the envelope, I opened the top of the envelope. I pulled out the tissue paper as it's shown in the photo. I then noticed the envelope's hole and realized that someone had ripped it open, taken out the tissue paper and untaped it, pocketed the coins, and put the tissue paper back in the envelope. Really, people? REALLY?! If I converted properly, the thief stole approximately 50¢. I hope it was worth it. The Euros and Pesetas are worthless in America and I'm sure even in Europe, the equivalent of 50¢ can buy you just at little as it can in America. Some people just suck as human beings.

In happier news, I received this card from Lena in Russia:

I had sent my collection of "Greetings From..." postcards to a fellow Postcrosser in Singapore. I received all of these beautiful cards in return:

A few weeks ago, a Postcrosser from Lithuania made a general request for a package of American items. I sent a newspaper, magnet, coins, candy, postcards, and a few other items. Today, I received this awesome package of goodies:
It includes postcards, hot chocolate, tea, a chocolate bar, other candy, a pen, a bookmark, a magnet, and a LiveStrong-type Lithuaniam-themed bracelet. I love getting packages like this!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Postcards: 2/16

Four postcards today!

Lori from Florida sent me a recipe postcard for southern pecan pie last month. Today she sent me this recipe card for key lime pie. Yum!

Joana from Finland sent me this sweet kitty card from the PC Cat tag.

I participated in an I Want tag on PC. My request was to get a postcard from a state where I haven't yet received a card. Yvonne sent this North Carolina card. Map and lighthouse cards are hugely popular on PC, so this card is very valuable!

Rie sent this official PC card from Japan. This picture reminds me so much of my kitten Roscoe. The coloring of the cat is the same and this is exactly how Roscoe looks during Mommy and Daddy's mealtimes. He sits on a dining room chair and peers over the table at our plates of food.
I have also included the back of the card. I love how Rie decorated it. So bright and pretty!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Postcards: 2/13 & 2/14

One of my main goals is to get at least one postcard from as many different countries and states as possible. Unfortunately Postcrossing seems to have a ton of members from a handful of countries. There are certain "rare" countries that it's pretty hard to get cards from. I would like to thank Elisabeth at -[Swiss Cowgirl]- for giving me pointers on how to get postcards from places that I lack. Thanks to her, I've gotten the courage to contact Postcrossing forum users directly about private swaps. I've been afraid that everybody would say no, but so far I've received nothing but positive responses. I'm expecting the arrival of several cards from "rare" countries in the following weeks. And more thanks to Elisabeth for helping me out, since Switzerland, the country where she lives, is one of the semi-rare countries. The first two cards are from her.

February 13

From Dan Chen in China:

Courtesy of Jennifer from Scotland. She says that besides the traders and clothes, the street in the photo looks exactly the same.

From Lena in Belarus, courtesy of the Eyes Closed tag. My first owl postcard!

From a fellow Kristen, who lives in Florida. We did a private swap and she sent me this incredible shuttle card. Such a shame that we'll never see another shuttle launch!

February 14

Vicki from Puerto Rico sent me this photo of Old San Juan in a private swap.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postcards: 2/9 - 2/11

Five postcards from the last three days!

February 9

Liene sent this card from Latvia. She says it's currently -20°C (-4°F) there! Way too cold for my taste!

February 10

Sent from Brad in Pennsylvania. He designed this card himself.

Karli from the Netherlands sent yet another adorable kitty photo.

Another card from the Netherlands. I love autumn. :)

February 11

From Taiwan. I'm pretty sure it's a traditional puppet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Postcards: 2/6 & 2/8

Three postcards on Monday!

This one comes from Utah:

Another kitty card! This one comes from Taiwan.

A cute cartoon from Belarus:

Today I received this one from Indiana. I had no idea they had beaches there!