101 in 1001

-[ Entertainment ]-

1. Go one day per month without tv (4/33)
2. Attend five trivia nights (0/5)
3. Read all the books currently on my shelf that I haven’t read yet
    Hunger Games
4. Go to City Museum at least once per year (0/4)
5. Stay overnight at the Lemp Mansion
6. Walk through a corn maze
7. Go sledding
8. Go to Butterfly House when it’s snowing outside
9. Go to the Belleville drive-in with Nate
10. Go to a concert with Nate
11. Take pictures in a photo booth
12. Re-read all the Harry Potter books in order
13. Watch five of Nate’s favorite movies/TV shows that I haven’t seen
    Rescue Me
14. Finish my hockey spreadsheet
15. See 10 Disney movies I've never seen/don't remember
16. Arrange a game night with friends
17. Have a picnic
18. Do zip-lining at Meramec Caverns
19. Go to a live comedy show
20. Catch up on Supernatural
21. Go horseback riding
22. Sit in the front row at a Blues game

-[ Finances ]-

23. Pay off credit card
24. Pay off student loans
25. Go one month without spending money on anything other than necessities
26. Transfer SAMC 401k to WFA - on hold
27. Save all the money I make from this project
28. Put $10 in our cash jar for every goal completed
29. Buy a lottery ticket every time we go grocery shopping for a year

-[ Food ]-

30. Shop at a farmer’s market
31. Take SWIC’s cooking classes
32. Go grocery shopping at Whole Foods
33. Make a fancy birthday cake for someone
34. Bake something every Sunday for Nate to take to work on Monday for a month
35. Make homemade pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving
36. Compile my recipe box
37. Make 30 recipes I’ve never made before
    Ranch chicken pizza
    Pumpkin pie
    Italian chicken and broccoli
38. Eat at 10 restaurants I’ve never eaten at before in our city

-[ Good Deeds ]-

39. Participate in the Komen walk
40. Participate in the Lymphoma walk and donate at least $100
41. Volunteer at five different places
42. Donate hair to Locks of Love
43. Adopt a child for Christmas
44. Make and send a care package to 3 soldiers
45. Donate $1 to a charity for each item I do not finish
46. *private*
47. Give a 100% tip

-[ Health ]-

48. Draft a will
49. Be able to run a mile
50. Do my health regimen for at least one month
51. Don’t eat out for an entire month
52. Get down to my preferred weight

-[ Intelligence ]-

53. Get a state map postcard from all 50 states (31/50)
54. Learn how to change my car’s oil
55. Learn how to shoot a gun
56. Get a library card
57. Have Nate teach me how to drive a stick
58. Find a new job

-[ Relationships ]-

59. Have a game night once per month with Nate (4/33)
60. Send birthday cards to all my friends for one year
61. Take a carriage ride with Nate
62. Have dinner by candlelight
63. *private*
64. Create a time capsule to be opened on our 20th anniversary
65. Buy a bottle of wine that should age well for Nate and me to open on our 10th wedding anniversary
66. Babysit once for April
67. Complete the All About Us book
68. Sent Robbie a St. Louis-themed gift box
69. Sent Christmas cards every Christmas (1/3)

-[ Travel ]-

70. Travel to Virginia Beach
71. Attend a Blues/Cardinals/Rams game in another city
72. Get passport with new last name
73. Visit Robbie in Texas
74. Visit all wineries on the Shawnee Wine Trail
75. Visit at least one state per year that I’ve never been to
76. Travel to Las Vegas
77. Go snow-skiing in Colorado
78. Go camping
79. Go on a road trip
80. Spend a weekend at Hidden Lake Winery
81. Riverboat cruise in Louisville

-[ Misc ]-

82. Influence one person to make a Day Zero list
83. Don’t log into facebook for a whole week
84. Drive the jet ski around the entirety of Kinkaid Lake
85. Swim in Kinkaid Lake
86. Finally deal with photos and frames
87. Vote in an election
88. Finish Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving
89. Don’t go anywhere one weekend day per month (4/33)
90. Buy a house
91. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons
92. Rock the Dress photo shoot
93. Get wedding dress cleaned/stored
94. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
95. Participate in the 365 Photo Challenge
96. Adopt two dogs
97. Organize my paperwork
98. Mail out a postcard in PostCrossing at least twenty times
99. Photograph one place each month and make a calendar for the next year
100. Make a honeymoon album
101. Go catfishing